Puppy Teeth.

A few weeks ago I got my first puppy. She isn’t the first pet I have ever had or anything, but she is the first dog that I have ever been the sole provider for. I don’t have siblings here to help me take her out, give her a bath, feed her, etc. It’s all me.

Her name is Ella Rylee Sperry and she is a Blue Heeler and Jack Russel Terrier mix. If you know much about dogs, you already know that she is a furball of energy. Her favorite game is playing hide-and-go-seek with my work shoes and she thoroughly enjoys waking me up at 5:30 in the morning by pulling my hair (which was actually the only reason I made it on time to my 6:00 AM shift at McDonald’s this past Saturday). She doesn’t like baths and she would rather chew on ANYTHING that is NOT her chew toy.

Ella also likes to play. She is still learning that she has to be careful, though. Puppy teeth are sharp and I’ve been through a few more band-aids than usual since Ella arrived at my apartment.

I decided to teach Ella her commands in Spanish. She also refuses to listen to anyone that isn’t me, which is both heartwarming and annoying at the same time. Although, saying that she only listens to me implies that she truly listens to me in the first place.

You guys might be wondering why I would take the time out of my not-so-busy schedule to write about something as typical as getting a new puppy. The thing is, Ella came into my life when I was having a really hard time. With her came responsibility, which was something I needed with a life that was (and still kind of is) very unstructured. Not only did she give me something to look after and take care of, but she brought with her something else – joy. Kisses, cuddles, and laughs are all things little Ella has given me since I had the honor of bringing her home.

Ella Rylee has been a blessing in my life. Puppy teeth are sharp, but losing a little blood and a little sleep has all been worth the experience so far.

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