30 Seconds.

Something in my life that I have always put near the top of my priority list is connecting with people. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, and building a genuine relationship with them. I get my social prowess from my dad. My dad has never known a stranger. He and I disagree on things often, but this is definitely one of those cheesy things about my dad that growing up I witnessed and said, “Wow! I want to be just like that when I’m big.” 

Recently I was at the University of Louisville to visit my girlfriend when I met someone named Johnny. He decided to break the ice with one seemingly simple question, “What is your current life situation in 30 seconds?”

What? My current life situation? In 30 seconds? That was definitely not a conversation starter I had seen utilized before, but maybe I have just been living under a rock.

The conversation ended with us making plans for me to visit him at the coffee shop he worked at there in The Ville. Now, I’m writing a blog post inspired by our initial interaction. Current 30 second life situation? I loved it! You immediately get a glimpse at where the person you are meeting is at while more than likely finding something in their response to branch off of to keep the conversation going. Plus, it’s a question you don’t expect. It’s fun and new (to me, at least).

I love finding new ways to begin connecting with people. I praise God for giving me a heart for people and the ability to build friendships with ease. The Word teaches us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. I am blessed to not struggle with this commandment very often, but fail in the fact that I don’t always take advantage of my gift in a way that glorifies God. So often I find myself in perfect situations to talk about the LORD, but I pass them up too frequently. So my prayer is this: Let me do more than just hear someones current life situation summed up in 30 seconds. Give me the boldness to use my love for people as a way to show people Christ in a more intentional way. Amen

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