Not Alone.

October 16, 2018

The lights in Bridgestone Arena were low and you could feel the anticipation among the thousands of excited fans. My mind went back to a little over a year ago when I saw my favorite band live for the first time. This time I had better seats, somewhat knew what to expect, and had three people that I love more than life itself sitting next to me. I felt as if nothing could top that night from over a year ago. I was wrong.

You could feel the atmosphere shift from the moment we heard that first bass hit. Screams filled the stadium. We all knew what was coming. Twenty One Pilots were finally about to make their appearance.

There is something about seeing someone perform their art live that changes the way you experience it afterwards. In this case, the concert changed the way I listened to Twenty One Pilots.  When you see a musician live, you see their heart and their passion. You can feel the emotions behind the words they are singing. Even better than that, you are surrounded by thousands of people who get it.

After a night like that, I can’t listen to the songs I heard in the same way I did before. I remember the emotion behind Tyler’s screams, the sweat dripping from Josh’s body as he played the drums, and the moments where Tyler would just stop singing as he enjoyed the sound of thousands of fans singing the lyrics back to him. I feel less alone. I think about how Tyler wrote these songs that express feelings that I never could; about all of the other souls out there having the same thoughts I did. I am sure they constantly feel like they are the only ones that think those thoughts.

Music has a way of uniting people in a very special way. I will never forget dancing to the music with my little brother or seeing my girlfriend’s face light up because she got to see me at one of my happiest moments.

The second to last song of TØP’s set list was Leave This City from their new album, Trench. I’m going to end this post with a line from that song that sums up this whole thing. “In Trench I’m not alone.”

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